Who we are

As a couple, we like to go out on the golf course and have a good time! If it takes a few mullies or breakfast balls, who cares?

We are known for hitting a long ball, going for it, and seeing a whole lot of the golf course! We started Mulligan Golf to share our passion with other people.

We have a patented, 4-step process to enjoying the game of golf:
1) Find a friend or three
2) Look good, play good
3) Get outside and play
4) Birdie juice (or “Just-because” juice)

Elaine is your low danger, right-decision golfer. Dallas swings hard and hopes for the best. It’s all about recovery right?

Check out our blog!

We like to travel and try new things, so you might see some reviews of away courses, tips on enjoying the game of golf, or our attempts at hero shots!